Soul-led Business Masterclass & Healing Transmission – FREE Masterclass

October 14th, 9am PT

with Melanie Phillips of The Madhuri Method

As an Energy Healer, here’s what I’ve experienced and believe: Everything truly is energy. If we’re stuck somewhere in our business growth and satisfaction, there’s a disconnect on the energetic level.

Energetic blocks are created when we’re living out of alignment with our essential self.

I’ve cracked the code for creating a life and business where you can thrive and not have to jeopardize your values or what matters most to you.

I’m going to share this inside out approach to growing your income and impact in my complementary upcoming transformational LIVE Masterclass.

What’s unique about this Masterclass is that you’ll receive an energetic upgrade through a guided process. I’ll guide you to clear abundance and confidence blocks so that you can transmute self-doubt and impostor syndrome and live from greater connection to the Divine in all you do.

What I’ll speak to in this Masterclass:

  • Why you’re staying stuck and not able to feel like you can fully step into your authentic voice and power.

  • The #1 key to increasing your income doing what you love.

  • How to overcome crippling self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

  • How to create the life that your soul came here to live.

  • Plus, you will experience an energetic frequency upgrade through a guided process.

If you have a friend and colleague who would benefit from this, please share with them!

Who this is for:

This free Masterclass is for heart-based entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, healers, coaches, artists, authors, spiritual business owners, RMT’s, nutritionists, etc who are tired of not feeling good enough to fully realize their purpose and express themselves fully  and create the business and life aligned with the highest version of themselves.

I love mentoring other soul-led business owners so that they don’t have to learn the hard way like I did for a couple of decades.