Would YOU like to experience a natural, sustainable, and practical approach to weight loss that has been working for over 5000 years and has nothing to do with dieting?


Join me for this transformational journey back to feeling fantastic in your body and looking great!

In this 6 Module on-line program you will:

  • Learn my 5-Step Process to lose weight naturally with NO DIETING
  • Have expert guidance through a 3 day balancing and detoxing Ayurvedic Cleanse to improve digestion, increase energy, reset your metabolism and boost your mood
  • Be given the 7 Essential Tools and expert support to reach your healthy body weight
  • Unearth the root cause of why you can’t keep the weight off after years of trying
  • Understand the secret principles of the Ayurvedic approach to weight loss and why it works!
  • Retrain your brain to support your weight loss
  • Deepen your commitment to self-love and feeling great in your body

Program Details

  • The program consists of 6 Modules that you will receive as soon as you register, so that you can integrate, apply, and assimilate the wisdom of Ayurvedic weight loss, and experience transformation in your life.
  • You will be provided with the recordings to download so you can listen to any of the modules at often as you like.
  • You will receive pdf handouts for the classes for your reference and understanding of the program content.


This Program is for You if…

  • you’re wanting to lose weight and keep it off without dieting or restricting yourself
  • you would like a holistic and natural approach to weight loss what includes looking at what’s really not letting you drop the weight
  • you’re tired of feeling like you’re on a roller coaster with your weight and are committed to making your health and self-care a priority
  • you want tools, expert guidance, and support to learn how to make lasting changes
  • you have anxiety or stress around your relationship with food and/ your body (even if you’re not ‘overweight’)




Soul Method Weight Loss