This unique program focuses on healing the deep subconscious layers of conditioning that are preventing you from feeling open to receiving, creating more wealth, and truly feeling abundant no matter how much money you have in your bank account. 

This immersion is for conscious seekers on a spiritual path ready to experience ease and freedom in relationship to money. Join me and learn how to use your life circumstances and the energy of money as a path of spiritual liberation.

Through the 5 modules you will: 

  • Be guided through a different sacred teaching and paradigm shift around money in every module.
  • Be guided through journaling and reflection prompts for healing your money wounds.
  • Receive 4 powerful Energy Healing transmissions to support you in reprogramming your limiting subconscious beliefs around scarcity, lack, and financial burden.

What’s Included:

  • 5 video and audio modules with interactive experiences, exercises and teachings to transform your perspective and relationship to the energy of money.
  • Weekly healing prayers to recalibrate your attitude towards money, abundance, and freedom.
  • 4 Energy Healing transmissions to reprogram your subconscious ideas and beliefs around money.
  • 5 pdf handouts.
  • Lifetime access to these resources. 



Sacred Wealth