Are you ready to break out of old self-defeating habits that are blocking your body’s own natural ability to heal as well as the mental habits keeping you stuck?

If so, join me for this life-changing 7-Module audio course designed to support you through transformative shifts in body, mind, and spirit.

Find out where your energy has become blocked or stagnant and why this may be keeping you in the same health ruts that you can’t seem to get out of.

Learn about the 7 main chakras or energy centres and how you can bring balance through specific practices and exercises.

Each module will focus on one of the 7 energy centres (chakras). Using my wisdom base drawn from Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Energy Healing and my own life experience I will guide you through an experiential understanding of each chakra, how it relates to you in your life, and practical tools for you to unblock the stuck/ stagnant energy from your system.


In this 7 Module audio intensive you will:

  • Receive seven, 60min alignment recordings where I will introduce you to the 7 main chakras.
  • Understand how each chakra relates to you NOW and practical ways to increase your vitality, improve your health, and live joyously.
  • Gain knowledge about the colour, mantra, symbol, gemstones, essential oils, and herbs associated with each chakra.
  • Learn Ayurvedic and Yogic techniques delivered with a modern day sensibility to re-balance your mind-body.
  • Have access to healing meditations in all modules to harmonize the energy centres that you feel are most out of balance.
  • Get summary handouts to support you on this 7 module transformative journey.


Understanding the chakra system allowed me to heal from a debilitating auto-immune condition that I had for almost a decade. I integrated my understanding of Ayurveda and Energy Healing into my life to heal. We can’t return to a state of great health if we ignore the mind, heart and conditioning that can be at the root cause of illness.

Join me for this life-changing audio intensive, designed to support you through transformative shifts in body, mind, and spirit!

Bonus: As part of this program you will receive access to my 7 Chakra Yoga Class series. 7 different yoga classes dedicated to each of the chakras for healing.

This program does not take the place of medical advice. It is solely for educational purposes.