In this 7-Module Ayurveda for Real Life program you will learn…

  • Your “dosha” or specific mind-body type that will allow you to access more energy, sleep better, and improve digestion.
  • The specific foods for your dosha vital to achieving your ideal weight.
  • Daily practices that will amplify your energy and vitality.
  • How to come into balance with the rhythms of the seasons for better sleep, glowing skin, and improved moods.
  • Ancient secrets that create increased peace of mind and mental focus.
  • The “right” form of yoga for your dosha (and the “wrong” types).
  • Powerful mantras to clear physical, mental and emotional blockages.


What’s included in your program:


  • 7 Modules establishing the foundations and application of Ayurveda that are yours to download and listen to time and time again (audio format).
  • Handout summaries of each module to easily integrate the key concepts (pdf format).
  • Previously Recorded Webinars (from live-sessions)
  • Ayurveda & Yogic secrets that I use to stay healthy, happy and energized!
  • Plus bonus videos, classes, meditations and more!


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Ayurveda For Real Life - Online Program