Inner Empowement Mentorship Program

“Using ancient Ayurvedic techniques in combination with modern day neuroscience.”

12 Week Live Online Program. Next program starts October 1st, 2019

Inner-empowerment and mastery aren’t about perfection, restraint or being good — in fact it’s quite the opposite…

Do you wish you had someone who could help you hone in on what it is that’s keeping you stagnant…those health symptoms you know are trying to get your attention but you keep ignoring them…the mild anxiety that keeps you spinning and worrying or the low grade depression that’s stuck in your body and effecting your whole life?

There are many times I wish I had had an authentic mentor in my life.

I have had different teachers, even a guru, but unfortunately too many of my teachers took power for their own gain and didn’t truly have my greatest good in mind.

These experiences are what have made me so passionate about empowering YOU with tools and practices to make lasting changes from within.

I wish I could tell you I had a quick fix for you. I don’t. There isn’t one.

But I can offer you teachings, guidance and support over a period of time so that you can anchor in the changes necessary to see and feel the results you know you deserve.

It’s about the freedom you feel when you know what your body wants to eat and you respond…

It’s the deep satisfaction of trusting your intuition when making decisions, allowing yourself to be guided by your inner wisdom and taking responsibility for where you’re at in your life— even when your life feels crappy.

The time is NOW to wake up and learn how to reclaim all of the forgotten pieces of yourself…to remember that you are not broken, never were and never will be…to live your life from a place of truth, integrity, vibrancy and radical self-acceptance.

You may have hit your limit for living the way you are…You’re ready for change and are truly committed to putting in the time and looking at yourself honestly to see where you’re getting in your own way.

Are you ready to remember the forgotten pieces of yourself?

To remember that you’re not broken, never were, and never will be?

I came to Madhuri because I was fed-up with feeling confused, exhausted, crappy, and generally “off-course” in my life.

I knew I needed help and guidance that went far beyond standard allopathic medical approaches. Madhuri has helped guide me past numerous self-created obstacles and self-limiting beliefs – things that neither doctors nor therapists have been able to do. Thank goodness I worked through my resistance to investing in my personal well-being!

Madhuri met me exactly where I was, (“I don’t know what to eat, I’m tired all the time, my digestion doesn’t work, I hate my job….” among many more complaints), listening with love, and giving me tools that WORK!

The benefits of working with Madhuri are real (long-term digestive/elimination problems cleared up almost immediately), but the truly incredible thing about working with Madhuri is that she has the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual/psychological insight to go far beyond dealing with specific “symptoms”. With Madhuri’s guidance, I am re-tuning all aspects of my life (body, mind, external circumstances) – coming into a state of balance and reconnecting with my authentic self. I am, in short, coming into my own, and Madhuri is the guiding force behind that. I have learned that significant change, and moving past long-standing issues, does not have to take a long time. Positive change can happen in an instant!

I wholeheartedly recommend Madhuri to anyone who feels even slightly “off-course”. If you feel stuck – mentally, physically, or if you feel like you just need some guidance and support to push through to a fuller, richer, more authentic life – make the investment in your own well-being, and allow Madhuri to guide and support you on your journey.

April R.

This online Inner Mastery Mentorship program is for you if you’re…

  • Looking for guidance about what and how to eat for your unique body-mind type and Ayurvedic constitution.

  • Willing to dive deep into the behind the scenes areas of your life that you’ve been ignoring, deflecting or hoping will change on their own.

  • Needing support and inspiration to anchor in true gratitude and self-acceptance into your day-to-day reality.

  • More committed to focusing on what’s right with you or your life, not what’s “wrong.”  Wanting a mentor that can address your physical challenges as well as understand the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of who you are.

  • Open to using group dynamics to amplify your own healing and growth as well as be part of a community of other like-minded people wanting to live their highest potential.

  • Ready to allow yourself full permission to shine your light.

Get anchored in gratitude, self-acceptance, healing and growth?

See yourself shine!

What you receive in your 12-week intensive Inner Empowerment Mentorship…

  • 12 live online GROUP classes that are recorded and sent to you incase you miss a class or would like to review.

    TUESDAY October 01, 2019 

  • Priority guidance and email support throughout the program.

  • Practices and prompts to assist in the integration of the material into your daily life.

  • Handouts, exercises, recipes, meditations, yoga nidra, online yoga practices, videos and audio recordings to supplement your training program.

  • A private Facebook community page where you can interact, ask questions, support and be supported. (Optional)

Get anchored in gratitude, self-acceptance, healing and growth.

See yourself shine… Register below!

“This has been the most important education I’ve ever received. After a lifetime of wrestling with childhood trauma, clinical depression, and host of self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, I emerged from this mentorship with a sense of self-mastery and understanding that is incredible. I strongly encourage you to invest in the Inner Empowerment Mentorship Program with Melanie Phillips. You will become part of an intimate, mutually supportive group of people, guided by Melanie’s teaching. Along with the teaching, Melanie provides you with an abundance of tools and practices that will empower you to live your best life. Invest in your own well-being, it will help not only you, but all of the people around you! “

“Having a wise and caring guide to light the way is everything. When the path disappears completely, leaving you wondering whether you are on a path at all, or just stumbling alone in a void, a beacon reassures you that – in spite of whatever darkness, pain, or fear surrounds you – you are moving through it, and there is light up ahead. Thank you for being that beacon. Much love and gratitude to you.”


“Melanie’s IEM course is for anyone that is looking to foster a deeper connection with themselves, cultivating the self-love it takes to do this & shedding anything that is no longer serving You.  The work in the course is subtle, but deep.  For me, the biggest shifts have come as I am slowing integrating more and more of these life practices into my daily routine & giving myself the time to do this.  This course is less about the ‘rules’ we need to follow, but more of an offering to use what resonates with each of us as unique souls & being kind to yourself as you do.”


“Love working with Melanie.  She shares so much knowledge, experience and insight in such a gentle and connective way.  She is patient and on path.  She is loving and accepting and is an amazing mentor who demonstrates through her actions and cares through her words with the ability to clearly share what you need to hear.”


“I love the positive results; the increased feelings of personal awareness and self-confidence I am feeling. Fantastic! This was so much worth the effort and the investment, would do it again in a heartbeat!


Are you ready to remember the forgotten pieces of yourself?

To remember that you’re not broken, never were, and never will be?

Need a bit more…?

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about if this mentorship is right for you or not.