Namaste. I acknowledge you for your interest in wanting to learn more about the upcoming Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. I commit to reading your application and responding. Before offering anyone a space in the program, I spend time with someone to see if this program truly is a good fit. I’m committed to only offering a space to someone who will be profoundly served by it.

Before we talk about your potential participation in the Inner Empowerment Mentorship Program, we’ll spend time together in deep conversation. This time with me is complimentary, and not something I offer to just anyone.

And: I’m committed to this time serving you–no matter whether the Mentorship Program is a fit for you, or not.

During this time, we get into where you are, where you want to be, and what might be in the way. If there’s room for growth or an opportunity for transformation that could serve you, we’ll go for it.