Become a Madhuri Method Affiliate!

Do you love spreading the word about Ayurveda, Yoga and living a healthy and happy life? Would you like to earn a commission on Melanie’s exclusive programs?

Becoming a Madhuri Method Affiliate may be right for you.

How it works: You get paid if someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase on their visit to You can refer how ever many people you like and make as much money in referral commission as you want!



  • 20-40% commission on online courses.
  • Automated tracking and monthly payments.
  • Please note: The “Ayurveda + Spiritual Life Coaching Program”  and “Inner Empowerment Mentorship” is excluded from affiliate commissions.


How to become an affiliate:

  1. Complete the simple application below
  2. Once it is reviewed by our staff, you will receive an email with your unique link and info on how to access our affiliate interface.
  3. Download your marketing materials from your affiliate area (click the Creatives tab)- there you’ll find web banners and affiliate links.
  4. Start spreading the word and earning commissions!



Can you give me an example how this works?

Let’s say you send a friend an email with the affiliate link. They click on it and decide to buy Ayurveda For Real Life- a $347 digital course. You immediately earn 30%= $104- without lifting a finger.


How do I get paid?
You will be paid via PayPal on the first of the month, a minimum of 30 days after purchase. For example, if you sign someone on the 20th, you will be paid on the first- not the next but the following month. If you do not have a PayPal account please let us know and we can issue a bank-transfer instead (Canadian participants only).

How long does my affiliate link last?
When someone uses your unique link, it plants a cookie in their browser which tracks all purchases to you up to 120 days after clicking the link.


What kind of marketing materials can you help me with?

When you log on, you’ll be able to download any of our Creatives web banners or image ads. These can be used on your website, blog or your email newsletters. You may also create your own marketing copy and material as long as it’s on line with the Madhuri Method.


Can I earn commission off products that my clients purchase on the phone or in-person?
No. This affiliate program is only for purchases made online, on our website.All the tracking is done through the cookie that is placed in your clients browser (not within the programming of our customer database).


What if my clients have questions?
The website is a huge resource please learn more by reading Melanie’s articles and program descriptions and watching her videos. Or they can email directly for suggestions:


Any limitations for promoting your products?
Please be above board and honest with all claims and advertising. Respect our brand and offer life-affirming incentives for your clients so that we both create long-term relationships. We have the right to remove any affiliate inappropriately promoting our products.


I’m not tech savvy, do you offer support?
The program is pretty easy and self explanatory. If you have any questions about it, or how to use the interface, please contact us here.


Good luck, and welcome to the Madhuri Method Community!