10 Day Ayurvedic Self-Care Challenge

We all want to feel GREAT … and so often it seems overwhelming to take the first steps to get there. You are too busy or don’t know where to even start!

Seasonal changes are THE BEST time to get back on track, and I want to help you! That’s why I created a completely FREE 10 Day Program for you that is sure to educate you, entertain you, get you connected with a great community … AND give you Daily Action Steps to implement right now so you will feel different … better after the challenge!

You will learn:

  • The sensual art of Ayurvedic self-massage.

  • How to eat right for your type.

  • The number one thing that takes seconds every day and will make a HUGE difference

  • Why you should never flush your nose in public (or “my most embarrassing moment on video”)

  • … and so much more!

I want to join the challenge

Want to learn simple, effective and powerful natural self-care practices to improve your sleep, digestion, energy and mindset?

THIS 10-Day AYURVEDIC SELF-CARE challenge is for you!

This FREE training, including videos, audios and documents will help you establish healthy routines you can stick to and make lasting changes with.

What do you consider self-care? Is it going to the spa or simply getting a few minutes to yourself after dropping your kids off to school?

Let’s dive into this 10-Day journey together and see…you’re going to learn some ancient practices that have stood the test of time because they work! Thank you for being here with me.

Be the light,


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I look forward to sharing this powerful program with you.

I want to join the challenge

“Thank you, Melanie! I have been interested in Ayurveda and had already incorporated some of these practices. I love that the daily challenges are short and your tips are direct and easy to follow! I have learned something every day!”
Diane L

“Just want to say thank you for offering so much valuable information for free. I am implementing almost all of your suggestions into my daily routine. It is becoming a lovely ritual in my day. Loved your videos and your way. Thank you so much for your offering. It is MUCH appreciated. ”

“This challenge is wonderful! I have just started working on a morning self care routine and the guidance you are providing me with is gratefully appreciated.”
Brenda M

“Taking your Ayurvda challenge right now and I just wanted to express my thanks! What a wonderful program! I established a morning routine and it feels great. Thank you!”
Anne H