Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation

Two Sessions: Initial Consultation + Follow-up Session

This consultation gives us the opportunity to work together and get you moving on a trajectory that will renew your life and your perspective.

And I understand— if you’ve tried a bunch of different therapies, treatments and practices you may be frustrated, wondering if anything will ever really work for you. I can assure you, that when you follow my suggestions and guidance, you will experience changes and results.


Your custom designed Consultation includes…

  • 2-hour Initial Visit (To determine your specific mind-body constitution and address your main concerns.)

  • A Unique Food Program (To ensure you’re fully nourished.)

  • Private Video Library (Access to Ayurvedic education to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda.)

  • Discover Your Dosha (Your Ayurvedic dosha is your unique physical, mental, and emotional nature. It is essential to understand your dosha to know what foods to eat that will be best suited to you (you may be surprised by this). Also, your daily routine and self-care practices need to be tailored to you for maximum results.)

  • Lifestyle Focuses  (Yoga practices, breathing/pranayama practices, meditation, mantra/resolution specific to you, if needed.)

  • Whole Healing Fitcheck (If we both decide that working together is a good fit, I will offer guidance regarding which Whole Healing Mentorship coaching program will allow you to be most successful with your healing aspirations and transformation.)

  • Current State (Your current state is out of balance—either a tiny bit, or a lot and that’s why we’re working together—to get you back in alignment with your true nature so that you will feel amazing and most at home in your mind and body.)

  • Personalized Herbal Formula (Created specifically for you, if required (cost of formula not included).)

  • Supplementary Handouts (To complement your consultation recommendations.)


Ayurvedic Consultation


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