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Ayurvedic Healing Programs

Individual Consultations & Ayurveda + Spiritual Life Coaching

“Through my own seven year illness and other obscure health challenges, along with working with a diverse client base, I have found Ayurveda coupled with channeled guidance and energy work to be a potent combination for transformation and lasting change— physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.”

– Melanie Madhuri Phillips

Ayurvedic Consultation

Two Sessions: Initial Consultation + Follow-up Session

This consultation gives us the opportunity to work together and get you moving on a trajectory that will renew your life and your perspective.

And I understand— if you’ve tried a bunch of different therapies, treatments and practices you may be frustrated, wondering if anything will ever really work for you. I can assure you, that when you follow my suggestions and guidance, you will experience changes and results.

Your custom designed Consultation includes…

  • 2-hour Initial Visit (To determine your specific mind-body constitution and address your main concerns.)

  • A Unique Food Program (To ensure you’re fully nourished.)

  • Private Video Library (Access to Ayurvedic education to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda.)

  • Discover Your Dosha (Your Ayurvedic dosha is your unique physical, mental, and emotional nature. It is essential to understand your dosha to know what foods to eat that will be best suited to you (you may be surprised by this). Also, your daily routine and self-care practices need to be tailored to you for maximum results.)

  • Lifestyle Focuses  (Yoga practices, breathing/pranayama practices, meditation, mantra/resolution specific to you, if needed.)

  • Current State (Your current state is out of balance—either a tiny bit, or a lot and that’s why we’re working together—to get you back in alignment with your true nature so that you will feel amazing and most at home in your mind and body.)

  • Personalized Herbal Formula (Created specifically for you, if required (cost of formula not included).)

  • Supplementary Handouts (To complement your consultation recommendations.)

  • If we both decide that working together is a good fit, I will offer guidance regarding which Ayurveda + Spiritual Coaching program will allow you to be most successful with your healing aspirations and transformation.

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Melanie is such a caring, passionate, and knowledgeable health care provider.

 She offers many tools to work through all areas of resistance in life. I have overcome ailments such as acne and allergies as well as worked through stressful periods and limiting beliefs. I have become so much more aware of who I am because of my work with Melanie. I would definitely recommend Melanie to anyone committed to a life of health and well being.

Denice Dobinson

Melanie’s warm and intentional approach…

Helped me open up to the root issues underlying very poor digestion and my body’s inability to be nourished by food and how vital I felt. I’m so grateful for Melanie’s grace and support and my ability to break free of resistance and trust her healing approach. Melanie’s Bio-Energy treatments supported shifts in me, which in combination with learning new Ayurvedic habits have created visible differences within my life. Since working with Melanie my energy levels to engage more fully with life have grown.

I would recommend Melanie to anyone looking to get to the energetic root of an imbalance in their well-being. I am grateful for Melanie’s open hearted, effective and graceful facilitation in restoring a balance in my health.


Ayurveda + Spiritual Life Coaching

After you have completed your initial consultation you’re off to a great start but in order for you to make the changes that are necessary to get a different result in your life you need further support to implement and embody this new way of being…otherwise you probably would have done it on your own already.

Your follow up visits ensure that our work together is consistent, depth-oriented and uniquely personal.

We’ll delve into the deeper root causes of imbalance and I’ll teach you how to re-program thoughts and beliefs at the core level that are causing suffering.

I believe you can heal. In my experience I have seen the missing links to a client’s healing are accountability and support. That’s why I’m here…

If you’re truly ready to make shifts on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic planes and will do whatever it takes to live a more whole and fulfilled life, then now is the time.

You’re ready…

…to look to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck or in a state of anything less then fantastic. You deserve to feel great and to understand how to nourish your unique self completely.

We’ll delve into the aspects of your life that don’t feel buoyant and investigate unconscious belief systems that may be a barrier to your whole healing and thriving in any area of your life.

What’s included in the Ayurveda + Spiritual Life Coaching program…

  • A custom designed experience based around the transformation and results you most want for your healing and life.

  • An in depth assessment of your current way of being, what this way of being allows for and ways in which it’s holding you back.

  • Objectives that hone in on supporting you where you run into snags when trying to implement new habits.

  • Custom designed practices for you to work with between sessions to deepen your awareness and incorporate the necessary habits leading you back to health and wellness.

  • You will receive access to an entire online resource platform with videos, audios and handouts to support you on your healing journey.

  • Accountability and support between sessions.

As part of this program…

You get ongoing priority email support from me for the duration of our time working together, plus a plethora of supplementary materials as a fulcrum to inspire and uplift you throughout the process.

Prequisite: Ayurvedic Consultation

Find out more about Ayurveda & Spiritual Life Coaching with Melanie

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What are Melanie’s qualifications?

BFA, E-RYT, CAS (Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist), Bio-Energy Healer & Trainer.

Hi. I completed my initial training as a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner at the California College of Ayurveda  before going on to study with Dr. Vasant Lad in both the USA and India as well as  having the priviledge to do a mentorship with Dr. Claudia Welch.

I’ve had the honour of presenting at NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) conferences as well as teaching about Ayurveda at the Vancouver, Toronto & Victoria Yoga conferences, Wanderlust, and the Bellyfit Summit. My articles have been published on Gaiam,   Wanderlust, Ayurveda Next Door & Banyan Botanicals.

I merge my passion for true transformation and healing at the root cause by looking at physical, mental, emotional and energetic factors that may be perpetuating symptoms and keeping you stuck in a place in your life that isn’t allowing you to thrive.

“I’ve tried so many different healers and treatments and nothing has stuck or fully helped me heal. How is working with you any different?” 

To be honest, you will only begin to see and feel the changes if you are fully committed to the process of working together. Often clients have blind spots that I help them see so they can access all of the energy that is stuck or consumed by that blind spot.

With my formal training as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS), Bio-Energy Healer (and trainer), and Yoga Teacher Trainer (E-RYT) as well as ongoing personal and professional development over the last 20 years, I assure you I will give you all I’ve got. I will show up for you completely and support you (not enable you) in your transformation and healing process.


“I only want a consultation to find out my dosha, not to have any further support, is that ok?” 

Yes, absolutely you can come for an Ayurvedic consultation without investing in further support. However, it’s been my experience that 99% of people that don’t receive follow-up support don’t make the necessary changes and then they don’t get the results they so desperately desire and deserve.

This is why I have created a container to support you as you make the necessary changes to move into a state of being that you crave.

Yes, this is an investment but in the long term you will save time, energy, and money. After being sick for over 7 years I know that there is no price you can put on health—physically, mentally or emotionally. If you don’t feel great your entire life (and family) suffers.

Have more questions?

Need a bit more…?

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about if the Madhuri Method’s Ayurvedic consultations or Mentorship Programs are right for you.

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